Frequently  Asked

1. What can you store on a high-density mobile storage system?
Virtually everything!  Any item that is stored on a shelf, rack, pallet, skid or in a bin, drawer, or tray can be "mobilized".  Spacesaver systems across the world store everything from microscopic pathology lab samples to large aircraft parts. 

2. How does high-density mobile storage compare to other traditional filing methods such as lateral file cabinets or stationary shelving?
In terms of floor space?  In nearly every case you will save 30 - 50% over conventional storage. 

3. What floor loading requirements does mobile storage need?
Average is 150 to 300 pounds per square foot, but you will need to take into account the weight of the system itself (carriage, rail, and housing) and the weight of the media being stored.  In many cases, we can avoid the need to reinforce the floor through design of the system itself and planned wheel and rail placement.  Your Spacesaver Group representative will be able to work with you to determine your needs

4. Can high-density mobile storage systems be used in seismic zones?
Yes.  The system may require in rail or overhead anti-tip bracing and reinforced structural rails.      Structural calculations must be prepared and certified by a structural engineer licensed in the state of the installation.

5. Can mobile storage system controls be interfaced with fire protection, lighting and other  building   operation systems?
Yes.   Work with your local Spacesaver Group representative to inquire about options such as Fire Park, Aisle Lighting, etc.

6. What types of controls are available?
There are two types: Powered and Manual.

Powered systems provide the widest variety of operation, performance and safety options.  As well as being the most ergonomic systems to operate for all users, electrically controlled movement provides protection for users and media stored. Power Assist control offers ease of use, reliability and safety associated with powered systems at a cost comparable to mechanically assisted systems.

There are two types of Manual Systems.  Mechanical Assist (hand crank) systems utilize Spacesaver's unique synchronous drive to reduce racking and wheel slippage, providing ease of movement and product durability.  The purely Manual Systems rely solely on user power to move carriages to access aisles.  This is a control option for small, lightly loaded systems.

7. Is high-density mobile storage safe?
Yes.  Spacesaver provides a wide variety of safety features to protect users, as well as the media     being stored. Different controls offer different types and levels of safety options. They range from     electronic presence sensors that detect a person or object just being in the aisle and thus automatically  prohibit carriage movement, to anti-roll locking devices that prevent carriage movement when the   operator consciously engages it.  Once again, you need to work with your Spacesaver Group          representative to select the control and safety features that will work best within your environment.  You will need to consider things such as:
 The media being stored
 Activity level and work flow
 Current and future storage needs
 Personnel accessing the system
 Access requirements for disabled users
 Length, number and weight of carriages
 Security requirements